Fundraising Goal

Raised: $71,360
Goal: $75,000

Help support our school by participating in our 2020 Spring direct give. 


This year the PTA has secured a $15,000 Matching Gift opportunity! 


Thank you for all the donations into our direct give fund so far! The PTA fills a key role in providing volunteer and financial support to our classrooms and we have only $40,000 to go. When we meet our goal, we will be able to not only meet our financial obligations for this year, but prepare for the unknown next year. 


To make sure we get the most out of this matching gift, the direct give will now end on Wednesday, May 20th. All donations, big and small, will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $15,000! This is an amazing opportunity to double the impact of your donation; donate here with PayPal or click below to give through our direct give campaign through the link below: 

Double Your Impact


This is the last general fundraising push of the year.  The second round of the auction with the remaining gift cards is being postponed until the fall to give businesses more time to recover.  While we have had to extend our fundraising timeline this year and ask more of our community than we normally would, our kids will benefit from our tenacity! 


The good news...this goal is attainable: If every family donates $60 to this final push, we will maximize this $15,000 matching gift and meet our goal to raise the last $40,000! Click the link below to donate for your family, and in the GLES community spirit, consider sponsoring a family who is struggling during these times by increasing your donation.

Double Your Impact


We know that not all families can give at this level, but our community can do this! And we aren’t alone.  It takes a village to raise a child so please share broadly with people you know who might be able to help — grandparents, aunts and uncles, close friends, neighbors, and more. Post on Facebook, send an email, let your loved ones know what they can do to provide that extra support at this time and help us get the $15,000 matching gift.

  • Did you get outbid on auction items? 
  • Have you been waiting for the perfect opportunity to chip in? 
  • Did you just plain forget about the auction and miss out?


Donate those funds now and have them doubled!  All PayPal donations and posted donations by check will also count towards this matching gift. 


Thank you, GLES community, for your dedication to our school, your love and support of one another, and your resilience. We look forward to continuing our support of the teachers and students in the 2020/21 school year. 


Your PTA Board Members



Q. What do PTA funds pay for?

A: The majority of our funds go to support critical supplemental staff which touches our entire student population like our school counselor, Ms. Schneider or our vocal music teacher, Auna Stewart.  In addition, we: reimburse teachers for classroom expenses; provide grants for teachers to improve their classroom, partially fund a field trip or purchase computer programs like IXL; support professional development for our staff; and provide scholarships for after-school enrichment and tutoring so there is access for all. 

Q. Are donations tax deductible?

A: Yes, and they may even be eligible for employee matching. Our Non profit tax ID is 0091-1442923

Q.  How do I know if my employer will match my gift? 

A: Check your company’s intranet for details or contact your HR benefits department or community giving office. Also, please let our treasurer know by emailing

Q. I have more questions!

A: Email Amy and Sarah at

Fundraising Goal

Raised: $71,360
Goal: $75,000

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